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An Interview with the Author

What gave you the idea for Miranda Moose?

I was serving breakfast to my kids one day, many moons ago, pouring orange juice...and started to make up a story to entertain them.  They loved it.  I did not have the whole story, just started it...but when they went to bed that night, I decided to write down my idea...and then it all just sort of magically appeared on the page.


Why did you wait so long to publish it?

Back when I wrote it, the only way to publish was to get an agent or a publisher.  When I looked, there weren’t any publishers looking for books with talking animals.  I found just one publisher willing to even look at it, but it was rejected.  I put MM in the closet, for another day.  When I heard about print on demand (POD) publishing, I decided to pull it out of the closet and publish it myself...if only to give it to my potential grandchildren someday.


Have you written any other books?

Yes.  I have written two others and I have first drafts of another two.  I hope to have the next two out within the next 12-16 months.  


Will any of these books tell us more about Miranda Moose?

No...these books cover different subjects.  One book offers a strategy that gives kids a tool—teaching them they have the power within to change their thoughts.  When they’re feeling down or can’t get to sleep, they can think differently to move them to a better feeling place.


Will there be a series of Miranda Moose books?

I continue ruminating over this—there may be...I hope so.  But nothing solid at the moment.


Do you write anything other than children’s books?

Short answer: No. Not yet.  However, I am planning on writing a novel...not sure what that looks like quite yet, but I do want to give it a go!


How did you find your illustrator, Ning Loo?

Ning is actually my daughter Kelly’s college friend.  Kelly kept raving about Ning’s artwork and told me I should check out her Instagram page.  When I did, I thought her use of color was magnificent, along with her attention to detail, which is exactly what I wanted for Miranda Moose.

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