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Photo by Michelle Cherie Photography

-Melanie Brazdzionis, Author-

As a stay-at-home mother of two, I spent much of my time engaging, educating, and entertaining my children. Miranda Moose Loves Orange Juice was born out of my personal experience of creating stories to entertain them. Before becoming a mother, I wrote lyrics and music for my original rock band in the late 1980s.  More recently, I launched a virtual assistant business editing newsletters and websites. In an effort to comfort and entertain, my current focus is on creating and publishing stories for children everywhere.

When I am not writing, I am practicing yoga, playing piano, studying French, hiking, or traveling. This is my first book. I live in Connecticut with my husband.

-Ning Loo, Illustrator -

Since childhood I have loved creating, sharing, admiring, and learning about art.  My parents encouraged my creative ability from a young age, marveling at my crude, 6-year-old drawings.  A graduate of the University of Edinburgh with a degree in biotechnology, drawing and painting remain a favorite pastime. I look forward to every minute spent playing with my art supplies. 


When the opportunity arose to illustrate Miranda Moose Loves Orange Juice, I was so excited I did a little dance in the middle of my office!  My journey with MMLOJ has been a delightful one; I got to share my art with the kindest author, create outfits for cozy characters, and learn more about my art style. I am thrilled to be a part of this charming book, and hope that these characters will bring comfort, wonder, and joy to readers everywhere.

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